A letter for Rob

Apparently, some people are having a hard time trying to decipher everything I’ve written in Norwegian in this blog, thinking fondly of the days – way back when – when I used to blog in English. Don’t get your hopes up, people, this is not for you. However, you are of course welcome to read it.

This is simply a short message for Rob. Yes, you, Rob – not that other Rob who might be reading this blog. Because that other Rob whom I probably don’t even know, would have given up on the Norwegian long ago and found another blog to read, a blog he could understand, a blog in English, that is. But you, Rob, you never gave up, did you? You still drop by my blog every now and then, because you know me and you do understand at least part of what I’m writing. Swedish, Danish and Norwegian may not be your second mother tongue, but you understand a fair bit – and you’re the sort of person who would drop by occasionally just to try to figure out what’s going on in my life. I think you do. I hope you do.

Now, the reason why I’m writing this is that I consider you a dear friend of mine, even though we’ve been out of touch for some years. I were never very good at writing friends and family on any kind of regular basis, and neither were you (not from what I know of you). However, on a highly infrequent basis we have stayed in touch since we first met back at the old Sixdegrees. What is that? … 9 years ago? A year might go by, more even, then one of us would drop a line to the other, and the other would reply. We would exchange a few more mails, and then another year, perhaps two, would pass by with no word between us, until suddenly an e-mail wound its way across the Internet again and we’d exchange a couple of more mails.

Much has been happening in my life over the past few years (which, I think, you’ve probably gathered from my blog), and I’ve been worse than usual at keeping in touch with dear and loved ones. However, I did think of you (and other friends I ought to have written or called long ago) every now and again, and in the end, as always, I thought “Well, about time I heard what Rob’s been up to lately”. So I sent you and e-mail. Five seconds later I got it back – no such number, no such soul as the King once sang. So I tried the other address I have for you. That one didn’t work either – and now I’ve run out of addresses to try.

That’s why I’m writing this, Rob. To put it bluntly: Please, please, please, get back in touch. Pretty please, even. I don’t give up on good friends easily.

I’m on Facebook, but you can also write me at monique at inkuria dot org. And if you’re still wondering if you’re the Rob I’m addressing this to – well, then you probably are. Just to confirm, although I don’t recall the evening in detail, here is a pic of you and me getting on down at the old Cairo Jack’s in London back in 1999:

Getting on down

If you’re not that Rob, in fact, even if you’re no Rob at all, but is called something completely different, you too are more than welcome to get in touch if you believe you know me and we’ve been out of touch for ages. To tell the truth, I’d be more than delighted to get back in touch with some of the other people I’ve lost touch with over the years.

You are, of course, also welcome to contact me if you know me and we haven’t been out of touch for ages, or if we are still in touch infrequently or, for that matter, on a daily basis, because I don’t really think any one can afford to lose a friend. I always love hearing from those I count among my friends, and although I may be bad at holding on to them, I never completely let go of my friends. You are in my heart, no matter how much of a cliché that may be. Please, hold that thought …

And, Rob? Write me.

Lots of thoughts and *huggles*


6 thoughts on “A letter for Rob”

  1. I’m not Rob, but I just wanted to say hi!

    I remember that night at Cairo’s very well, almost 9 years to the day. Well, I more remember the previous night at Cairo’s as (for some weird reason) I didn’t go to the second night, sweeping you off yer feet the first time was perfection enough for me…


  2. Greg, m’darlin’, it’s always good to hear from you! You did indeed sweep me off my feet – I remember that night clearly too, not to mention our next meet-up in London. I even have evidence of having spent the night with you (although for some reason I remember the daytime better). 😉


  3. Oh no! Monique, I just found you again after…seven or eight years we haven’t spoken? And now I find that you are no longer writing in English online! What bad luck, I tell you. Anyway, I’m glad to see that you are still writing, even though I guess I no longer have the opportunity to follow along. Too bad you are not just simply posting in two languages with each post; but I understand that’s a lot of work. –Jason.


  4. Jason – good to hear from you! Some of my Norwegian posts are quite untranslatable (for instance those related to the Norwegian language), but since there seems to have arisen some teeny-weeny public demand for English posts (or requests for a translator), I am considering writing some of the posts in English. As they say: Watch this space. 😉


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