By popular demand …

… or perhaps peer pressure – whatever you call it, it has lead me to start blogging in English again (as the observant reader has no doubt already noticed). I haven’t really decided how much I’ll write in English – definitely not everything, because some things simply wouldn’t make much sense in English (and that’s not just because my head goes off on its own now and then), and some times I may just feel more like writing in Norwegian – but I promise: I will make sure the Norwegian-challenged will find something to read here from time to time. I will have to reorganize my blog, methinks, but I’m not going to do that right now, nor within the coming weeks – but when time permits, I probably will try to think out some way of redoing my blog that will make things look a bit more organized when I’m blogging in both English and Norwegian. For starters I’ve created at category called “In English” where I’ll publish (you guessed it) the posts I write in English.

Let me add that I know what it means when several people independent of one another hint or tell me directly that they’d like me to write in English again. Yup, peeps, I love you too.

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