Some people still get bright ideas. Most of us get tons of spam, and up to now there’s been little to do about – or with – it. Well, yes, if you’re like me you may have forwarded it to your e-mail provider (if they have a special address for the purpose, that is), hoping vaguely that perhaps it’ll help them improve their spam filters, but I’ve never had any real pleasure from all the spam I have received. I’ve won the main prize in at least fifty lotteries (if only), received thousands of offers to buy drugs, a bigger penis, hot and willing girls, certificates of one sort of the other, and whatnot, but just an inkling of pleasure? No, Sir, I did not get that from any of it.

But wonders never cease to happen, do they? If I told told you that I’ve gotten real pleasure from some of the spam I’ve received recently, would you believe me? Probably not. But then you’ve never heard of spam recycling, have you? Honestly, you should give it a try.

It may not exactly be useful, but it certainly is a pleasure to watch if you ask me. As I said, some people still get bright ideas, and this is one of the better.

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