My Other Missing Gene

“I think you must be lacking the bitch-gene.”
– Tor Willy to me today

The above wasn’t meant as a compliment – not entirely at least, although it was said with a certain fondness. To understand this, you should know that I really, really don’t want to be the kind of girl who calls her boyfriend/husband/lover/partner every half hour whenever he is not at home, just to make sure that he isn’t having too much fun or is in risk of forgetting all about her (believe me, girls like that do exist). And, may I add, Tor Willy knows how my mind works. And I guess this knowledge is what caused him to utter the above-mentioned statement when he arrived home tonight. It is worth nothing that he said it after I told him that the network had been down for many hours and that I had tried to fix it myself, rather than calling him when he was out and about. And that it still didn’t work. He said it after I told him of one of the ways I had tried to fix it, namely by pressing a pen into that little hole on the Airport Extreme which resets it, and after kindly explaining to me that simply unplugging the Airport Extreme would have been a lot wiser – then at least I wouldn’t have caused all our settings to disappear. And then he wouldn’t have had to spend any amount of time fixing the mess I’d caused. Then he said it – with a certain fondness and shaking of his head.

Still, I’ll label this ‘Compliment of the Day’.

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