Error when using plug-in file filters (Trados)

I had just installed the new SDL Trados Studio 2009, and had updated my licenses for SDL Trados Studio 2007, when I encountered an error. I was trying to open a txt-file in TagEditor, but TagEditor simply refused to open the file, and instead gave me the (to me) following rather incomprehensible message:

Error when using plug-in file filters:

Unexpected failure in Codepage property for COM plug-in component
RegExFileFilter. TextFileFilterScanner

Would you like to try to open this file anyway?

I tried clicking “Yes”, and I tried clicking “No” – Trados didn’t care what I chose, but gave me the same reply no matter what:

80003: TagEditor is unable to open this document because the file type is
not recognized.

So off I went on my search for a solution. The Internet usually holds the answer to the technical problems I encounter, but at times it’s a long search. In this case I found several people asking for help with the exact same problem at both and the Yahoo Group TW_users, but no one had offered any solution. In the end I did some pretty far-fetched searches in the SDL Knowledge Base, and found the reason for the error as well as the solution.

The solution

The error message means that a dll called EncodingTools.dll wasn’t properly updated during installation. To fix it you need to delete this dll, and then install it again (or rather, the version of the dll that actually works).

Deleting the EncodingTools.dll:

  1. If you’re running Windows XP, go to the Start menu and select Run. (On Vista, press the Windows key + R).
  2. Type Assembly in the dialog box, and click OK. The Assembly list is displayed.
  3. Right-click EncodingTools.dll and select Uninstall.
  4. Go to C:\Program Files\SDL International\T2007\TT (or …\T2007FL\TT) and delete the file EncodingTools.dll.

Reinstalling the correct version of EncodingTools.dll:

  1. On Windows XP, go to the Start menu and select Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. (On Vista, go to Program Files and Features).
  2. Select SDL Trados 2007 and click Change, then follow the wizard to repair your installation of TagEditor. (On Vista, simply click Repair).

You should now have the correct version of the EncodingTools.dll, and can work on your txt-files in TagEditor.

Someone (who knows way more about these things than I do) told me that the fact that the dll-file wasn’t properly installed, basically tells you a good deal about the program as a whole. Mind you, he didn’t say what it tells you, but judging from my experience with Trados, I think he may just have a point …

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