Looking for a shortcut

Both Déjà Vu and Trados are Windows-based programs, but since I prefer working on a Mac, I have installed Parallels Desktop for Mac on my MacBook Pro in order to be able to cross over to the dark side (i.e. Windows), and run my Windows-programs.

Mostly, using Windows on a Mac is a delight compared to using Windows on a … eh, Windows-computer (my personal opinion). Some things are different though. For instance, a Mac doesn’t have an INS-key – you know, the key on a Windows-keyboard which turns the overwrite function on or off. On a Mac overwrite is per definition not an option. However, on a couple of occasions when I was working on the dark side, I somehow hit a key combination which turned on overwriting. It happened again yesterday when I was working in Déjà Vu, and all the help the Déjà Vu Help had to offer, was to press the INS-key if I wanted to turn off overwriting (this particular piece of advise obviously wasn’t of much help to me). I tried all the key combinations I thought I might have hit, to no avail. I couldn’t find any way to turn off overwriting. In the end I restarted Déjà Vu, and that solved my problem. This time I didn’t search the Internet, because I’ve spent countless hours doing just that on several occasions, but so far haven’t been able to find the solution to this particular problem.

However, I really would like to know how I managed to turn on overwriting, especially since the answer to this most likely also would be the shortcut to turning it off again (which would be somewhat easier and quicker than restarting a program). Do you know how to do the seemingly undoable? I’d be delighted if you’d share your knowledge.

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