Blue eyes

My three sons all have blue innocent-looking eyes (and yes, blue eyes are at times deceiving). No wonder really, since both their father and I have blue eyes. His are a shade darker than mine, but nevertheless clearly blue – as you can see:

Blue eyes S

 Blue eyes M

I always thought our sons had a nice mixture of our eyes. This is the 17-year-old:

Blue eyes J

 This is the 12-year-old:

 Blue eyes E

 And this is the 15-year-old:

Blue eyes D

 Or so I thought – but yesterday, he suddenly looked like this:

Green eyes D

 Woah! Had that green-eyed monster most of us hide inside suddenly taken full possession of him? Luckily not, but the optician had forgotten to tell us that the eyedrops she dripped in his eyes shortly before when he went for a check-up, was in fact a fluorescent dye. The dye makes it easier to spot any infections, but does not show clearly in artifical light. Hence I did not notice anything amiss until five minutes after we had left the shop and were sitting at a table by the window in a small café. We were chatting, and I looked at him to find him with these eerie eyes. It is a slightly creepy sensation when out of the blue, your blue-eyed kid appears to have turned into that green-eyed monster you have only spotted on a few occasions.

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