Chaplin is here!

At 8:30 am on Friday morning, Johan, Emil, Malena and myself set out to drive to Kennel Fridsborgs in Sweden to pick up Chaplin, our puppy-to-be. After a couple of delays on the way, we arrived a little past 3 pm, and met both Chaplin, Angelika (the breeder) and their respective families.

Going home for the first timeBy 5 pm we had concluded our business, and set course for home with Chaplin. As you can see, he was alert at first, but soon settled down, and slept most of the way home. And in spite of all warnings and predictions, he did not pee or puke, nor complain in any way or anything in the car (nor anywhere else) during the long drive home. He simply waited patiently to see where we were taking him.

The drive home took longer than expected, partly because it was pitch-black with no street lights the last 100 km or so through Sweden, forcing me to drive slower than I would have otherwise, partly because getting through customs (oh yes, you have to pay tax when you import a puppy from Sweden to Norway), which normally is not too much of a problem with a puppy, took much longer than expected due to technical errors with the computer system.

We were finally home shortly before 1 am. Most of us felt knackered from the long drive, but Chaplin, once he had had some food and water, was fit for fight, and started playing with Emil and Malena – and with the Easter chicken which was one of the gifts Angelika had given us for him before we left.

Fighting the Easter chicken  Who’s da boss?

Even a fighter gets tired though, and once Emil and Malena had gone to bed, and Chaplin had spent a few minutes running between the kitchen and living-room looking for them, he had no problem settling down to sleep in his new bed. I woke this morning at 7 am when he was crawling under our bed – but he (and I) went back to sleep for another two hours after a quick step outside. Since 9 am, he has been exploring, eating and playing and all the other things little puppies do – including, of course, sleeping.


To round of, let me say that I can only recommend Kennel Fridsborgs. The entire family clearly has a lot of love for their dogs, the puppies are taken really well care of, and Angelika had even been taking them for drives in her car, so that they would get used to driving before their new families came to pick them up. Angelika’s main demand for prospective owners, apart from the obvious fact that they must have a lot of love for the little new family members, is that they must be prepared for the time and responsibility that a puppy (and later the grown dog) will demand from them.

If you should happen to be looking for a Jack Russell terrier right now, Chaplin’s brother was still waiting to find a family of his own when we picked up Chaplin. You can find some lovely pics of him in Angelika’s blog.

2 thoughts on “Chaplin is here!”

  1. hejsan vännen!
    Jag håller med dig om att en bättre uppfödare än Angelika finns inte. Hela familjens omsorg om alla djur gör en glad.
    Vad söt han är lille Chaplin och så gosig, Ni kommer att ha roligt ihop med denna lille russelbebis.
    Tassen voffar och hälsar till lille Chaplin.
    Kram marina


  2. Jag kan bara buga och tacka. Det är alltid roligt att förbereda en kull med valpar för deras nya liv. Givetvis är det också roligt med valpköpare som tar allt på största allvar och verkligen kollar vad som gäller. Att lära sig nytt det gillar jag och nu vet jag vad som gäller med norska moms regler:):) Så ännu en gång ett stort tack och hoppas ni någon gång vill komma till Sverige på besök då vet ni var vi finns. Stor kram Angelika m familj.


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