SDL Trados Studio 2009 crash no more

I installed SDL Trados Studio 2009 earlier today, in the hope that it would solve a problem I had with pre-translating a large inx-file. However, around the same time as I realised it would not be a solution to my problem, it also turned out that SDL Trados Studio 2009 would not open at all. It crashed as soon as I tried opening it, and gave me this error message:

Sdl.TranslationStudio.Api.ProjectManagement.IprojectMangementService cannot be started

Rather annoying. I googled a bit, and the problem turned out to be that SDL Trados Studio 2009 does not want me to share folders between the Windows and the Mac side of my computer. I run Windows under Parallels, and to solve this, I disabled sharing of most folders:

1. In Parallels 5.0, I chose Virtual Machine > Configure.
2. Under Shared Folders > Options I set Share these Mac folders to None.

3. Just below that, I clicked the +-sign under the window below User-defined Mac OS X folders
and browsed to the folder where I keep everything I use on the Windows-side of my computer.
4. I restarted Windows.

Now, SDL Trados Studio 2009 works as it should, even if I won’t be using it for a while longer – and I can still access the files I need on the Mac-side of my computer from the Windows-side. In Windows I find them on drive Z.

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