Leading a dog’s life

The life of a puppy of 10 weeks is a busy one, and we have had a busy couple of weeks. Here are some of the things Chaplin might do on any given day.
Click on the pics to see a larger version.
He will play – and as you can see, he knows how to handle a football.

Best med ball 2 Best med ball 1 Best med ball 3

He will do a bit of patrolling duty every now and then, making sure everything is all right…

Chaplin i hagen 2

… and guard our family against sinister-looking trespassers – like this plastic bucket.

Bøtten 1 Bøtta 2 Bøtta 3

The next day though, the bucket became his “plastic pal who’s fun to be with” and new best friend – or so it seems.
Sometimes he’ll even rest for a bit – but not necessarily for long.

Chaplin i hagen Chaplin slapper av? Eller kanskje ikke …

But sometimes a rest is just what he needs …


… before going back into action again. Because there are always things to take care of.

I full fart Litt å tygge på

Snø Der er ballen jo! 

Sometimes he’ll realise that he has done something he should not have.

Skulle jeg ikke det?

Well, what can I say? Leading a dog’s life is pretty exhausting …


2 thoughts on “Leading a dog’s life”

  1. Hejsan! Verkar hålla er fullt sysselsatta:) Underbar beskrivning och härliga bilder:) Jag hoppas att allt går bra för er och ni vet var vi finns om det är något:) Har allt funkat med momsen och så i Norge? En jätte kram från oss alla Kram angelika m fam


  2. Hejsan!
    vad underbar han är lille Chaplin alltid kul att titta på nya bilder på sötnosarna ifrån Angelika. Sköt om er alla och ha en fortsatt trevlig kväll.
    Kram Marina


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